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Why Ads

We are still working on Daggersploit improvement. By going through these ads, we will continue to boost our work! Every penny we receive goes back into funding Daggersploit, so you can enjoy it even more!


I won't say that Daggersploit got the best support, but we got decent support. When our users require assistance, we always prioritize them over money! We'll make sure that Daggersploit is up and running for you.


Almost every day, Daggersploit gets an update. This doesn't mean you need to reinstall it, though. We have a launcher that will take care of everything for you! All you've got to do is have the launcher open (found in the folder.)

How To Get Key?

Part 1

Click Get key

All you have to do now, once you've downloaded Daggersploit, is click get key... which you've already done because you're here!

Part 2

Copy And Paste

Copy the letters under 'Finish the captcha to start the key system!' up above. After you've copied them, paste them in the white check box and check it.

Part 3


All you've got to do now is linkvertise. Which is so simple, it takes little to no time. Once again, whatever I make goes back to you guys!